WEM for Business Process organizations

One of the features that makes WEM an excellent fit for a BPO type organization is that you can create multiple front-ends/portals for the same flowchart or application. This allows you to publish the same application with separate or shared underlying databases and different Bootstrap templates giving your application a customer specific look and feel while retaining a single standardized process.

Experience tells us that a standard process only gets you so far in any BPO market, customer specific features and enhancements are what makes the business grow. Using WEM it is possible to enhance the standard flowchart/process with customer specific requirements, when the application is published customers will get all the enhancements of the default process (or at least the ones you enabled for them) as well as all their specific requirements.

On top of this ability to service many customers using the same WEM application, the build-in publishing structure with specific release paths from development to test/accept and into production for each of the customer portals allows you to optimize release management to your business needs and still keep a single code-base.

Default options exist for data separation between customer portals while still allowing you to combine data where allowed to do cross customer analytics using external tools linked with the WEM data through the OData standard.