WEM OData Services

On top of the easy integration offered by web services, a standard WEM feature, WEM is currently working on the “WEM OData Services” feature which will enable you to expose your WEM data through the OData Protocol. This allows you to share data from your project with other OData compliant applications (e.g. Excel, Sharepoint,, Oracle etc).

This new feature is very easy to use; all that is needed is to enable it, configure access rules and the WEM platform will take care of the rest for you.

Because the OData Service enables clients to query for the information they need, it provides much more flexibility to your data consumers. In contrast to a web service, you don’t need to anticipate all use cases of the data. There is no need to define all the possible operations and their messages ahead of time.

Changes to your data model are automatically reflected through the OData Metadata Document, which your consumers then use to synchronize. However, because this is part of the OData protocol, it is completely transparent to you. Sharing your data has never been easier.

The functionality to perform updates on your data through the OData Service feature also exists including the ability to create batch updates, enabling are multiple update commands in a single request, allowing for a transactional and efficient update.

Currently OData versions 1 up to 3 are supported, these are the most commonly used versions in the market today, work is in progress to include OData version 4.