Release Management

Independent of what development and process framework you are using; from waterfall to agile and from ITIL to MOF (Microsoft Operating Framework) or maybe just Common Sense, somewhere somehow they all address the need for a solid release management approach.

The WEM modeler, as a standard feature, has a built-in 3 stage software release solution with dedicated and separate environments. Development and initial testing happens as part of the modeler where the active flowchart or whole project can be previewed with full functionality in real-time throughout the modeling process, you can even access this test environment from other devices than the one you are modeling on, handy when you are developing with a group and others want to be able to follow along with what you are doing. This environment is however optimized for ease of modeling, not for speed, so your application performance is not what you can expect from a production environment.

From the modeler your project can be published to staging and from there to the live environment, at this point changing your flowcharts and data-model is no longer possible and the environments are optimized for performance. All 3 environments can run on one or multiple servers to increase performance or network based security. Data between the various environments is separated; development test data, staging (test) and production data will never be integrated.

In situations where multiple instances of the same application are required, for example when you have multiple customers, it is possible to publish the same modeler project to different staging and live environments each with its own release schedule, database and even using different master templates (Bootstrap based designs) making the same application appear entirely different and matching the customer release needs and design requirements.

With WEM you can do rapid process modeling and many other things no other application platform can provide you while keeping the professional standards required of a business critical application process.