Using WEM in Small and Midsized Businesses

Many small and midsized business have a challenge when it comes to their information tools. There is a very limited or no IT organization, often times one of the many functions the owner/operator takes responsibility for and if there is a dedicated person or small team they are usually too small and thin-spread to take on any real software projects.

Another thing many small and midsized business have in common is their level of innovation, or just doing it different. This different approach to their business is often the reason why the small business exists, they serve a specific niche in the market and appeal to a set of customers.

Combine these two unique aspects of small businesses, limited or no IT and a different way of operating and you end up with a situation where standard software solutions don’t work because of the unique needs of the business and custom software solutions are almost impossible because of the lack of IT skills.

This is where WEM can help, using WEM it is possible to build custom software that supports the uniquely different way your business operates simply and without requiring much in the way of specializedIT skills. Anyone who is proficient in the use of everyday computer systems for drawing organization or flow-charts and can create a spreadsheet with some formulas can create software in WEM.

The resulting WEM application will support your business, just the way you intent it to, keeping your differentiation in place that makes your company unique but will still be fully capable and as technologically advanced (or even more so) than custom software created by large IT organization or standard software bought from one of the software giants. As WEM is a platform, even the day-to-day operation of your software is included, you just model your processes, publish your application and start using your custom application on the device of your choosing.