When to use WEM

A question we get asked often is "Where do I use WEM best?"

WEM is strong in several areas but in our opinion really shines brightest when used:

  • For departmental level applications, replacing solutions that are often created in Microsoft Excel or similar tools or even paper forms.
  • Customer facing applications
  • Situations where integration with standard applications or cloud services are required
  • Prototyping of applications where requirements are not clearly defined (yet?)

The power of WEM is the ability to create applications fast and without programming, because of the workflow structure of the project it is very easy to enhance your applications later and the automatic consistency of your data enforced by the modeler means that you can make changes to the data you collect and store at any time without worrying (within reason) about data continuity.

In larger organizations; position WEM to allow departments to model their own applications, while safely confined to the WEM platform and enable those organization to automate the processes they need but never quite make it to the corporate priority list.