Realtime development

Developing a new application is an often frustrating experience both for the application owner, the person with the knowledge of what the application should accomplish as well as the IT individual or team that has to implement that knowledge.

There are many standards, processes, tools, books, ideas, philosophies and what more to help make this process as productive and painless as possible, but still (or maybe as a result of) the frustration still exists and often application projects are abandoned or the results are not what the application owner had in mind.

WEM enables something new, realtime development, a WEM expert, often a IT literate person and not even a “programmer” in the traditional sense of the word, in a joint session with the subject matter expert, the application owner creates the application in real time, the WEM expert models the process which can easily be understood by the application owner who reviews the resulting application in real time on a separate screen. The application owner provides real-time feedback and in a matter of a few hours (at most) an application takes shape.

Using this model you can guarantee that the application is there fast and does what the application owner/subject matter expert needs it to do.

The next step is often for the application owner to become WEM literate themselves and modify or enhance the application to suit their evolving needs.