WEM Tips and Tricks

This blog entry is the first in what we plan to be a series of tips and tricks. A collection of "simple" ideas to make working with WEM easier, faster, better or more fun.

  • Use the <ctrl> key to draw arrows quickly. In the WEM modeler you can use the <ctrl> key to toggle between node selection and connecting nodes using arrows. Saves a bunch of time when creating a flowchart versus selecting the options from the menu.

  • Multi marker Google Maps. When using the Google maps widget you can show a single location, or multiple locations by linking the widget to a list, with or without a filter and make the markers active allowing you to perform actions right on and from the Google map.

  • Tooltips. You can add documentation to your flowcharts by using the Tooltip node, they look and behave very similar to yellow post-it notes, you can stick them anywhere and resize them to your need. A great way to leave yourself and others documentation on your thinking process when you created the flowchart.

  • Datagrids are tables with horizontal repeating data. To add a new column to a datagrid is easy, just select the datagrid and double click the field you want to add in the datamodel screen on the top right, the column will be added with the default column heading for that field.

  • Buttons look and feel. You can easily make your buttons look more professional and make them easier to find for your users by selecting an icon from the huge pre-loaded library, adding your own library or using image graphics is also possible.