WEM Tips and Tricks 2

This blog entry is the second in a series of tips and tricks. A collection of "simple" ideas to make working with WEM easier, faster, better or more fun.

  • Calculated fields in your datamodel are a powerful way to create "intelligence" or logic in your data that is available anytime, anywhere. Data validation, compounded fields or advanced logic are all easily modeled using the vast library of Expressions available in WEM.

  • Widgets are extendible features that offer more advanced users with programming skills the ability to enhance the user experience and add functionality to the user interfaces created with WEM. To make the default widget library, or your own created one, available in your project right click on the project name and select “Widget libraries” now you can select which widgets are available in your project. The selected widgets will now be available from the top menu when creating an interaction template. The “Feature demo” project, available in the repository shows the use of a lot of the widgets in the “Advanced input” library.

  • Exits are how you define the next step in your flowcharts, exits can be placed on the button bar as defined in your Bootstrap template or you can freeform locate them anywhere on your screens shown as buttons, links or even graphics.

  • Validation rules allow you to show informational, warning or error messages depending on any expression logic. This feature is very handy when you want to provide content rich user feedback on information they entered or have variable dependencies in your user interactions.