WEM Tips and Tricks 3

This blog entry is the third in a series of tips and tricks. A collection of "simple" ideas to make working with WEM easier, faster, better or more fun.

  • Publishing to test and production is easy with WEM and your applications will perform much better in those environments compared to using the preview feature from the Modeler. To make it possible to publish your project you need to give your product an internet styled (DNS) name, any name ending in “” for preview and “” for production are pre-configured to work, so if you create portal names using your own project name postfixed with the ones listed above you can access your application from the internet immediately.

  • Once you have a working version of your application, make a copy of the entire project before you start working on new features, this way you know you have a working version and can always go back to that copy in the case something happens to the version you are working on.

  • Right click on the project name in the project menu to enable the various default widget libraries for your project. The “Feature Demo” example project you can find in shows you some of the standard widgets that come with WEM.

  • You can use WEM Expressions to make menu entries (Navigation items in WEM) visible only in certain situation or for certain users.

  • Template fragments are an easy way to create snippets of user interaction that you can easily re-use in both screen layouts as well as in emails, PDF or other types of exports.