Priority application that doesn’t make the budget

Most larger organization know this problem, once a year a list is compiled and prioritized of all initiatives the IT department should be working on, in almost every situation the list is too long and by combining the prioritized list with the available resources (read budget) a cut-off is determined resulting in some winners and most times many more losers or projects that are not considered critical enough to get attention of the IT organization.

These projects are often critical to some part(s) of the organization, who will start looking for ways to meet their needs without the help from IT, often creating a shadow IT organization and/or adoption of non IT sanctioned solutions, cloud or otherwise.

Here is where WEM can help, because of the ability for non-programmers to create their own applications it allows process owners or technical power-users in departments to create their own applications with little or no help from the IT team. For the IT team the WEM platform provides a central place of control for things like information management, storage, security, integration and performance.

Use WEM to enable departments to create their own applications under supervision of and with the support from the IT team.