Smoother sailing: apps for your processes

No matter what business you're in, you have all kinds of different processes – both internal and external – to keep everything running smoothly. The problem is that standard/packaged/commercial software, created by large software vendors, doesn't understand how your business works – they prefer to create a one-size-fits-all solution and hope it works for you. This lack of specialization can cause huge problems – and can even be the difference between success and failure. If only it were possible to have software that was tailored exactly to your needs, and built specifically for your processes.

It is not only possible – it's easier than you think. The WEM Modeler gives you the ability to build custom software that supports the uniquely different way your business operates, without requiring much in the way of specialized IT skills. Anyone who can use everyday computer systems for drawing flowcharts and can create a spreadsheet with some formulas can create software in WEM.

A swift and specific solution

In a surprisingly short period of time (we're talking hours, not weeks or months) your WEM application will support your business, doing exactly what you designed it to do. The WEM Modeler is fully customizable, and that flexibility allows it to be used to create the solutions you need. Just model your processes, publish your application and start using it on the device of your choosing.

Using the WEM Modeler everyone can create applications to automate processes and forms, with advanced web functionality that can be accessed from almost any device with a web-browser, and best of all creating these applications is no harder than drawing a process flowchart in your favorite drag-and-drop tool like Microsoft Powerpoint or Visio.