Forms automation: a smoothly tailored experience

When you're asked to fill out a survey, for example before a medical check-up, you receive a stack of papers. Then, as you go through the form, you end up skipping back and forth between pages and questions, depending on your answers (e.g. “If yes, go to Q. 8, if no response go to next question”). Repeated over multiple visits, or with more than one form, this process can quickly become frustrating and confusing.
By streamlining the process, both filling in and evaluating the form become easier, and as a result, wait time for clients and staff resources are cut down. Which decreases costs and increases efficency.
In the past, it may have been too complicated or expensive to automate forms, but that is no longer the case. The WEM Modeler allows intake forms to intelligently provide questions based on the previous responses, so that clients only see questions that apply to them, and the responses are fed into a central system, keeping them immediately digital, and tied to their file. The overall result is an improved experience for clients and a decreased workload for staff.