How Intelligent contact forms aid the most vulnerable

The clients of debt consultants are, almost without exception, in a vulnerable and possibly precarious position in their lives. Quite often these problems can be related to a lack of educational or economical opportunities, and other complicating factors can be involved. Because they are often near crisis, it's crucial that they are given the necessary help from the person best able to give them assistance. Unfortunately conventional intake forms, designed to provide consultants with background information, often get in the way.
These conventional intake forms slow down the screening process, and can even act as a barrier to clients who need the service the most. For example, someone who is illiterate may take too long or grow frustrated and lose out on a valuable part of the safety net.
To address this concern, make your forms intelligent – including measuring response times, as well as the language used – such as grammar and vocabulary. The intake forms would then ensure that the language and content of subsequent questions matched the reading ability and response times, thus assuring both a better experience for the client, and a higher quality of information acquired.
As a result, the process becomes faster, incoming vulnerable people are less frustrated by the system, and the information provided is of a higher quality.
Situations like this demand an innovative solution, how do you tackle yours?