Bringing your customer on board

If you see your relationship to your customer as a one way channel of “you selling to them”, it's time to change the way you think. In a shifting consumer landscape of more choice than ever before, creating a strong bond with your customer is vital. And one of the most effective ways to do this is to bring your end user into your process.

Make the customer part of your company; customer satisfaction goes up, and 'stickiness' increases. When a client feels kinship and belonging, why would they leave? And on top of that, it makes your processes more effective, because you've been informed by the needs of your customer.

Take the example of Apple again: their customers are incredibly emotionally invested in Apple's products and innovations. There are evangelists, fanboys, magazines and other products built for people who love Apple, by people who love Apple. It's grown from a marketplace to an ecosystem, where everyone depends on each other. This is because the information flows two ways.

WEM helps you achieve a higher level of engagement because it enables you to communicate with your customers in a more individualized way. Due to the ease of the interface, you can tailor your processes and interactions to suit the needs of all your different user profiles. A stronger relationship is the inevitable result.