Sample Application

Ending a scheduling headache

So many systems and workflows are in place that haven't been designed to do the jobs we ask of them. They often fulfilled a purpose when we first started with them, but then, months or years pass, circumstances change, and they're no longer suitable.

But we don't make those changes, because it seems that trying to change a system would be more painful than just staying with 'the devil you know'. But that was before WEM. Because you can design WEM to handle any task, no matter how specific it is to your company or department's needs, you'll never have to 'make do' again; the power is in your hands. Read on for an example.

The creatives at CRUNCH, a graphic design firm, have always just put their holidays into a shared calendar. That was fine when two flatmates started the company from their living room six years ago. But now that they have twenty employees, the system is showing its flaws.

Two years ago Project Managers Kareem, Jen and Roy all booked their holidays independently, not realising that they'd all be out of the office at the same time, and they ended up losing a major client because of it.

When Office Manager Janine came on board, she created a system in WEM, in a matter of hours, that ensured there'd always be a Project Manager on call, as well as a rotation of other creatives and management, so they would never let down a client like this again. And using WEM was so simple that she started using it to update and tailor other processes that were no longer fit for purpose. CRUNCH is now faster, more flexible, and responsive than ever before.

The Vacation Planning system used by the (admittedly fictional) CRUNCH Graphics firm is available to view here: Vacation. If you're interested in trying WEM for yourself, create an account and you can copy this project from the examples and modify it for your own use. Imagine: your own completely customizable Vacation planning system, instantly. And that's just one of the possible applications.