Sample Application

Re-imagining inventory management

One-size-fits-all solutions rarely do. Of course we manage to get by; we get used to workarounds, patch fixes, and inefficient circuitous routes. But many systems we use in our professional life simply haven't been designed to do the jobs we ask of them. However, it seems easier to make do rather than to try and find or create a system that can actually do the exact job we need it to. But those times are in the past.

Introducing WEM. You can design WEM to handle any task – no matter how specific it is to your company or department's needs – you'll never have to 'make do' again. Read on for an example.

Thanks to smart marketing and an exceptional product, ABCDenim saw sales spike by 140% in the first half of 2015. They rented more warehouse space at their fulfilment centre to handle the increased volume. Everything was looking up, until they found out that they couldn't cope with the demand. Space wasn't the problem, managing the inventory was.

Overwhelmed by demand, they struggled to keep track of the different sizes, fits, washes and actually lost a couple boxes. They knew they were in that warehouse... somewhere. Shipping dates got missed, and they were on their way to becoming a victim of their own success.

The good news is that Karen, their CPO, discovered WEM. Within just a few hours she created a tailor-made system in WEM, so they could keep track of everything. The new system, designed as it is by the ABCDenim team, fits their needs perfectly – they even found those lost boxes (!)

Since sharing this at a director's meeting, other departments have found that they too can use WEM to design solutions for other situations as well. Now ABCDenim is growing faster, running smoother, and keeping its employees (and customers) happier.

The CRM system they used is available to view here inventory. If you're interested in trying WEM for yourself, just create an account and you can copy this project from the examples and modify it for your own use.

Imagine: your own completely customizable Inventory Management System. And that's just one of the possible applications...