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Do you speak ‘IT’ or ‘Business’?

An eye surgeon, working at Maxima Medical Center wanted an application, that would help him speed up the screening process of patients, before they underwent surgery. Amongst other things, it was supposed to allow him documenting what exactly he needed to do to the patient’s eye during surgery (and to which eye!). He met with a developer and committed to a significant spending. After three months he was presented a finished application. But, it didn’t work. Well, not in the way he wanted it to work. There were some functions that did more or less what he anticipated, but others didn’t. Which meant, in the end he wasn’t able to use the application.

An eye surgeon isn’t our typical client, but his story is very typical for all our clients: Non-IT people don’t speak and certainly don’t understand IT language – so if you’re an operations manager, work in Finance or marketing, you might recognize the issue. However, IT guys don’t speak any language, except ‘IT’. And that’s not a criticism! On the contrary, IT is such a deeply technical world, it requires genuine specialists. As a result, the two highly educated parties get lost in translation, which consequently results in wasted opportunities for business.

We introduced the eye surgeon to our WEM platform. Meanwhile, the biggest problem that emerged was reassuring him that WEM was as instant and intuitive as it promised it would be. He went ahead and built himself an application on WEM that functioned exactly the way he wanted it to function – without speaking ‘IT’. We’re very proud, that our technology is also used in the process of helping eye patients at Maxima Medical Center (It’s a minor role, but still we find it praiseworthy!).

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