Why selling WEM is adding value for my customers

If, as a Seller, you want to sell something, you should not only do it to earn a living, or to just earn money. Selling is a profession and you will only be successful when selling with your heart. Your motivation for a product is as equally important as regarding selling as your nine to five job to earn your living. Have you ever asked yourself why you’re selling what you’re selling? Let me tell you why I’m selling what I’m selling, and about my experiences with how my customers perceive what I sell: The WEM application platform.


A few months ago, I was asked by ZoomBIM to help them bring their incredible application platform WEM to the market. WEM was never built to be sold as a stand-alone platform. About ten years ago, WEM was initially created for their own programmers, so they could use it as a tool to develop applications more rapidly without programming or coding. Primarily serving business needs, the company was able to make cost effective applications. And that is still what it is: Serving primarily the business and thereby making life of IT departments better than ever.

My inner motivation

Why I was instantly attracted to WEM? In my career, I’ve been building my own businesses. I also worked on large roll out projects for big companies. Whether running my own business or working on projects for my business partners, I was regularly in need of custom build IT applications, that would support my business deliverables. As a business owner myself, I’m often in need of a rapid business support application in order to proceed my work. As in all business cases, the key driver is “as fast as possible” or even better “I need it yesterday!”. However, and most of you might recognize this, having built custom-made IT solutions is a hell of a job. It’s a frustrating and time consuming fight with IT programmers, trying to explain what it is you want. And once that’s settled, you have to face programming bugs and costly time delays. And yet I haven’t talked about the seemingly ‘mission impossible’ of system’s integration, such as SAP. IT and I, as being the business side, just didn’t speak each other’s languages. That’s why WEM caught my attention immediately, because it brings an end to all these frustrations.

The excel craze

In desperate need of a process solution, I reached for complex excel-sheets and sharepoint solutions, so I would at least be able to start or proceed my process. However, these programs are just not designed to manage or build applications or to manage complex data. Therefore, when introduced to the WEM platform, it was love at first sight. WEM provided the Business-IT solutions I needed so I could move on quickly with running my business smoothly.


In the past few months, I have talked about WEM to different business owners, as well as IT departments from various markets. For example, marketing bureaus, healthcare organizations, telecom companies, employment agencies and even chemical businesses. They all had different IT needs: from simple web-based forms, to project management systems, sales planning programs, marketing questionnaire tools with integrated content management systems, and also from scratch, custom made social intranet solutions needed to be built. In all meetings, I see my own recognition of the product being reflected by my business partners. They are amazed by the endless possibilities WEM can offer them. Even the most skeptical IT departments were positively surprised by WEM, when experiencing its advantages themselves, such as its speed, cost effectiveness, customizing features with no limitations and especially, that it can be integrated with their main systems, such as SAP and Oracle. Even healthcare systems are possible to integrate, despite their need to meet the HL7 standards.


Where does this excitement for WEM come from? My customers repeatedly tell me that WEM is the first system that is able to instantly solve their Business-IT challenges. As subject matter experts, they now have the possibility to easily develop web applications themselves, fast and without suddenly appearing bugs. If needed, they can choose to co-develop with IT and create custom made applications without needing to hire expensive and time consuming consultancy bureaus to do the programming for them. For the first time, they can instantly move forward, fast and even catch up time.

Impressive meetings

Just last week, I had a meeting with a large, sales driven company, operating world-wide. Its entire business was built on Excel sheets and PowerPoint slides – Impressive! However, you may not be surprised, that the business intelligence manager could easily see the advantages of working with WEM. He told me: “With WEM I have the possibility to adjust the system exactly as we need them. We can make changes quickly when standards, products or regulations change. People can work in the system simultaneously, enter their data and link it to our primary system. And yesterday I spoke to the CEO of a company that makes a business with disclosing data for the automotive market. They wanted to speed up their services by using a new web application: any changes in regulations that might have an effect on their customers’ business, for example tax regulations, can thereby easily be released. With WEM that application was quickly realized and now we’re already moving on to the next project phase.

Outsourcing for lower costs is history

What’s the value for IT departments? Well, most are skeptical at first, about what WEM promises to be. However, as I said earlier, once they experience the advantages themselves through our demonstration, they are quickly convinced. During a demo, I build a web application and they can follow and see, in real-time, how easy it is to build a completely responsive web based application. They are amazed by how easily external web services are integrated and how WEM exposes these again. Up until now, every IT department I talked to is convinced about the advantages WEM brings to their business and their own infrastructure. They tell me, that now they have a system by which they are empowered to create themselves the applications they need. Finally, complex excel sheet constructions come to an end. They feel completely in charge of the development process and are now independent form external programmers. One of my customers, he’s working in a marketing bureau, informed me that he will put a stop to outsourcing its programming of applications to the Ukraine, as working with WEM is far more reliable and cost efficient for them.

Selling with your heart

As you might have noticed while reading this blog, I’m truly in love with WEM and I sell it with my heart. And that is also my message to all Sellers: As long as you truly believe in the added value of your company and the product you’re selling, you will be successful. For business: If you want to experience what WEM promises yourself, don’t hesitate to contact me. I would love to come by and demonstrate to you the power of the WEM platform.

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