WEM Platform growing and adding features

More and more companies, from small startups to large multinationals are discovering WEM as the platform of choice for their application needs. The ability to create modern applications quick and without requiring programming skills makes WEM the perfect solution for all those application needs that the IT team just doesn’t have the time or resources to get to. While WEM is growing in user base, we are actively developing the platform to offer even more functionality. This article highlights some of the features we enhanced, improved or added over the last few months.

Multi language support

WEM provides multi-language support for each project, with realtime language and context switching allowing the user to select a language while using the application without losing any of the on-screen data. The multi-language settings can differ per portal, this gives you different application interfaces with your choice of different content, style, branding and default language and language strategy.

Realtime preview

WEM provides a full DTAP (Development, Testing, Acceptance and Production) application environment, where “Development” is really modelling, the “Testing” part of this process enables realtime preview and use of the application being modeled while it is being modeled. It is now possible to see your changes to your workflow and screens in realtime by showing the test preview in a separate window, a second screen and even another device. This is especially handy when working with a process owner who can try the application in real time while it is being modeled.


As our partners and customers are building ever more complex applications using the platform we have added more advanced debugging capabilities, in combination with the real-time preview it is now possible to add debug “breaks” to your models and monitor data, environment variables and even complex expressions and functions while you are testing your applications.


Widgets have always been a key part of the WEM platform, using Widgets it is possible to enhance the functionality of your WEM applications by integrating and inserting custom scripts into your models and applications. We have enhanced the available integrations possibilities and added a number of default widgets to the library allowing you to model applications with charts, timelines, gantt charts, photo manipulation, clickable maps, QR and barcodes, 3D worlds and many more new features.

Overlays and AJAX

With developments in browser functionality it is now possible to create browser based HTML5 applications that have features rivaling that of native applications. WEM incorporates many of the capabilities that make this possible, including overlays and AJAX support to build more natural flowing applications that do not require complete screen updates for every new piece of functionality. This overlay capability naturally supports the full responsive features of all WEM applications. Anything build with WEM works on any device or screen size by default.

Increased SOAP support

We have enhanced the supported SOAP integration functionality, making it easier than ever to integrate WEM with your existing applications using point-and-click functionality.

Button feature set increased

Applications made with WEM don’t only work and scale well, they also need to look good. Therefore, we’ve added even more features to make buttons look good, for multi-language support labels, colors, positioning, and increased icon libraries, just to name some of the enhancements. We have many more new features big and small that we will keep informing you about in the near future and several of the features described here will get their own articles, webinars, how-to’s or tutorials in the upcoming months.