Meet Erwin van Rooijen – Manager operations with heart and soul

Erwin has a clear vision on his career: doing entrepreneurial work and keeping the fun in his work. Thereby, he always puts his heart and soul into his work. No matter if working for a company or working as a freelancer. He does the same now for ZoomBIM.

From pancake café to carpet tile manufacturer

“My whole family worked in hospitality. There was no question, that I would study hospitality, too.” After graduating at Hotelschool Wageningen, Erwin was ready to enter the labor market. However, “we were trained for management positions, but you have to start as a dishwasher. And by then, I’ve already had my career as dishwasher, believe me!” That’s when Erwin decided to continue his educational path and study human resource management. He worked for some time in HR at V&D Haarlem. One day he was offered the opportunity to start his own restaurant in Nijmegen. “I returned to my hospitality roots, but in a position that I aimed for - as an entrepreneur.” Erwin tells enthusiastically. It didn’t take long, and the next opportunity crossed his path: “I helped out a friend by building up a Dutch pancake café.” As managing director of that café, Erwin suddenly had to deal with computerizing the company’s POS-systems. “It was 1999 and we were one of the first restaurants that had a POS-system with touch screen.” Soon, he found himself working for the supplier of that POS-system, helping them setting up a professional helpdesk. “After that, I entered the world of personnel planning and project management.” Again as freelancer, Erwin also acquired and implemented a European Time & Attendance tool with Access Control for a carpet tile manufacturer, operating all over the world.

From being a client to being manager operations

Also as freelancer, Erwin was building a career management system, together with his partners. “The system basically calculated a matching percentage of an employee’s skill-set compared to his/her career ambitions. This served as an advising tool for companies on planning career paths for their employees.” Erwin explains. That’s when he got in touch with ZoomBIM. “Vincent, my business partner and developer of the system, was already working at ZoomBIM by that time. We were looking for possibilities to build our system in WEM.” While talking to founder and former CEO of ZoomBIM Harrie Huisman, it turned out that Erwin would not just stay a client to the company for long. “Harrie asked me to support him with the company’s operations. And I said yes, because ZoomBIM is a great company and WEM is a fantastic product!” Erwin says enthusiastically. “I’ve always enjoyed supporting companies to achieve their next step, find ways to optimize processes and make them more efficient.” Today, Erwin is ZoomBIM’s manager operations. One title that comes with many roles: “I keep myself busy with HR, resource planning, and project management.” While keeping an eye on all ongoing projects, Erwin plays a major part in optimizing business processes, too. “As the company matures, its processes need to mature as well.” He explains.

Making sure it’s fun

What Erwin likes most about working for any company, is contributing to the growth of the organization. At ZoomBIM he can do that in a way that he supports. “What I find most important for my own work and for others’, is giving meaning to your work and making sure it’s fun.” He explains. “ZoomBIM leaves its people in their own strength. Thereby, we lean on each other. That feels good and makes us strong. We build on what we’re good at, from a people’s perspective as well as a business perspective.” And that’s how ZoomBIM believes the entire organization takes its benefits and how the company will succeed long-term.

An adventurous family man

Erwin has been together with his wife Monique for 25 years, they have a nine-year-old daughter, Mara. He takes Friday afternoon’s off to do fun activities with Mara. He’s a passionate drummer. He even performed for the former Queen of the Netherlands, during his (semi-)professional music career when serving his military duty. Being asked what to find on top of his bucket list, his answer is to go on a world tour for a couple of months while sleeping at unique places, such as an ice-castle, a treehouse or a cliff-hotel.