Flexible Process Automation

Are you getting tired of using your standard inventory software package? Our client, a small mortgage consultancy firm, did. Clients had to fill in a big pile of paper forms. These forms were subsequently entered in the firm’s system by the employees, manually. The system is a standard software package, which is commonly used in the industry. However, the firm was in need of customized functionalities that work with their own unique processes. Adding those custom functionalities to their standard package was limited, costly and time consuming. The firm decided that it can do better than that. And it did, with WEM.

Within three weeks, our client’s paper form procedure was fully automated. Now, clients fill in all required forms online and prior to their consult appointment. The time previously spend on manually entering client’s data into the system, has shifted to focusing on clients and new business opportunities.

Experiencing the flexibility of WEM, our client is ready for new business opportunities. Now, system’s extensions are easily realized, for example, adding new product categories and functionalities. “Our new system is a very different approach to the market we operate in” says our client, “We can now continuously optimize our processes as our business grows, because it’s executed fast and very cost efficient.”

More focus for the client makes the client happy, which makes our customer happy, and that makes us happy.