NEW: WEM Advanced and WEM Pro Training

Demands for advanced WEM usage is growing fast. That’s why we have recently added WEM Advanced and WEM Pro courses to our training schedule.

WEM Advanced Training

WEM Advanced is a 3-day course aimed at more advanced WEM users that have completed the WEM Basic course.

Material covered in this training:

Day 1 – User Experience

  • Alerts, panels, conditionals, template fragments, responsiveness
  • Authorization Module
  • Validation
  • Master templates
  • Ontology

Day 2 – Advanced Database Techniques

  • Related tables
  • Referential integrity
  • Lists
  • Getrecord
  • Calculated fields
  • Advanced expressions
  • Datamodel design

Day 3 – Advanced Database Techniques (ctd)

  • Continuation Advanced Database Techniques
  • Release and project management
  • Debugging
  • Best practices and conventions

The WEM Basic course is a required prerequisite for enrollment in the WEM Advanced course.

Upcoming WEM Advanced Training: November 30-December 2 | February 28-March 2

Check for more training dates.

WEM Pro Training

The WEM Pro modules are for the advanced WEM modeler that wants to get the most out of the WEM platform. This course covers the development of WEM Widgets, enhancements to the WEM platform. The course covers the following subjects:

Pro – Widgets – 1 day

  • Widget management
  • Widget editor
  • Widget scripting

The WEM Advanced course is a required prerequisite for this course. Knowledge of traditional programming and scripting and especially JavaScript are essential to be able to participate in the course.

Upcoming WEM Pro Training: January 26 | March 9

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