ZoomBIM combining forces with Results4Care

We’re proud to share with you about our recent partnership with Results4Care. Combining our companies forces will provide valuable synergies and innovative solutions for the challenges the health care sector is currently facing in their digital transformation.

Data exchange is thereby one of the most important aspects. Having shifted to a decentralized structure, health care processes now involve exchange of medical records between not only the person in need and the practitioner, but also hospitals, nursing services and more. Also, for research and analysis, secure and clear medical data exchange is required. These parties are in need of web applications that make the digital data exchange possible and more importantly, workable for them.

HL7 (Health Level Seven) is a global encoding standard for secure, electronic data exchange. Results4Care is specialized in HL7 semantics and thereby makes health information more comprehensible for various uses in the industry. As initiator of future oriented IT solutions in health care, Results4Care is happy to partner up with us.

One of the unique results of this cooperation is the so called “HL7-broker”. Available as a web-service, it can easily be integrated with web applications built in WEM, without needing any HL7 knowledge or IT skills. This is possible, because our WEM platform enables any subject matter expert to create web applications and the “HL7-broker” eliminates all complexities and abstractions that come with the HL7 encoding standard. Everyone involved in the health care process is now empowered to easily create solutions that work for their own processes and at the same time comply to all required standards.

Want to learn more about the HL7-broker? Contact us.