Do legacy systems and digital innovation go together?

Almost every organization's key processes depend on legacy systems. These systems have been developed and used for many years and mostly work with outdated technology. Knowledge of these outdated technologies is scare, maintenance becomes more and more expensive and the risk of system’s failure increases every day. Despite of these risks, the legacy systems are almost impossible to replace, because of various, probably recognizable reasons: “It basically still works for what we need”, “Historical data is essential for our future processes”, “Replacing the complete system is expensive, takes years and is risky”, and “We don’t have time and capacities to replace it”.

Demands of an ever accelerating market

But how do organizations cope with the company’s expectations and demands of an ever accelerating and agile market? The strong presence of the cloud and mobile web applications ask for flexibility and connectivity 24/7. But IT-departments and developers have their hands full maintaining the legacy system. A different way of thinking is necessary: You want to be less dependent of IT and you need an IT-architecture that supports it.

Simple integration

WEM enables organizations, their process owners and subject matter experts to create web applications based on latest technologies and integrate these with existing legacy systems, simply by using web-services and OData integration. All application functionalities are available without programming. No additional soft- and hardware installation is necessary. Innovative process solutions can be implemented without needing IT-skills. The more experienced developers and IT-professionals use the WEM platform for more advanced functionalities and shorten development time.

Agile development, real-time result, fail forward

WEM is developed to enable agile and rapid application modeling and co-creation. Every modeling step is visible real-time and thereby offers a great extent of flexibility necessary to realize forward thinking ideas. With WEM you can fail forward and accelerate your functional requirements in an agile way.

You have forward thinking ideas, but you have to work with existing systems? Find out how WEM can realize your path to digital innovation. Create an account (it’s free!) or contact us and book your personal WEM demo.