A retrospect

Over the last few months, we have been able to bring you news on many of the aspects of the WEM platform. Combine all those great new things that we keep telling you about with your own work and personal priorities, it’s easy to lose track of all the great things we’ve been able to achieve. Sometimes it’s good to stop and look back, just to appreciate all the great things that we’ve accomplished together.

The WEM platform is a technology, so I think it only makes sense to start this “retrospect” with the new features we’ve been able to bring you. The main focus of the development has been the out-of-the-box integration features of the platform. While we’ve offered bi-directional SOAP integration for years we recently added build-in support for REST, JSON, XML, Http and OData to our arsenal. The architecture supporting these integration features also positions the WEM platform perfectly to integrate with most big-data platforms, without requiring complex protocol conversions, making WEM the perfect platform to make those big data and Internet of Things collections accessible. The continuous development on more robust application modeling and customer experiences is probably best illustrated by the interactive beat box we showed at our conference, or are the serious gaming and VR possibilities better examples? Behind the scenes we’ve made huge steps in the performance of the WEM platform, making it possible to host large solutions on the platform without having to worry about the technology. A pretty serious improvement on the technology of the WEM platform.

An important aspect of the WEM platform is the ability to do single action deployment, with a fully integrated test, acceptance and production environment. We’ve enhanced this environment considerably in the last few months. Early August we moved the entire infrastructure to a new provider, now hosting compute in two EU datacenters and storage distributed over three locations, all with significantly more capacity and performance than ever before. The new infrastructure allows us to now offer standard performance and availability service levels, with 250ms response times and 99.99% uptime respectively. For many of our customers, security and privacy are important elements of the platform. For them, we offer fully automated periodic penetration testing of both, the platform as well as the customer-built solutions.

As any company, we are nothing without our team. Over the last 6 months we’ve more than doubled our workforce. We’ve grown in terms of employees, contractors and partners, now we can more than ever serve the needs of our customers and our partner’s customers. An important aspect of this people growth is our ability to train people. Since our first formal training in November 2015 we’ve gone to hundreds of people trained in what are now twice monthly sessions. We strongly believe that the best people to tell our story are our customers, so we’ve published 7 customer success stories over the last few months with even more to come. Possibly the best example of recognizing our people, our customers, our partners and the solutions they have been able to build, was our first annual WEM Conference held in the Amsterdam RAI on October 12. One aspect of the conference that I really consider to be a huge achievement is that our developers and WEM modelers developed their own materials and did their own presentations. The guy presenting about Widgets is the same person working every day to make WEM better by programming the very aspects that make widgets possible in WEM.

All in all, we’ve achieved a bunch in these last few months and have many new and exciting things yet to come. Hopefully, you’ll be part of that journey.