Five reasons to embrace Rapid Application Modeling in your company

Accelerating market developments increase pressure from the business, requesting new applications, fast. However, great programmers are hard to find and expensive. Business needs to innovate, while IT costs need to be lowered. Recognizable? Here are five reasons why you should embrace Rapid Application Modeling in your company.

1. Modeling instead of coding

IT teams receive dozens or hundreds of new IT-requests from the business every year. However, capacity allows to focus on only some of them. Imagine the impact, if your company, your department and your project team could realize all of them! Modeling your process instead of programming software requires a different skill-set, which is a lot easier to find. Embracing Rapid Application Modeling in your company opens a broader pool of talents that are perfectly capable of translating great ideas into fully functional business applications. Programmers can spend their precious time on business critical projects, while subject matter experts are empowered to bring the business forward with quick and innovative ideas.

2. Launch applications at speed of business

By the time you launch a new product, it already needs to be updated, because of changing market demands. “The only constant is change”, as we all know. With a Rapid Application Modeling tool, like our WEM Modeler, you launch new applications up to 10 times faster than with traditional programming. That saves a lot of valuable time and enables you to develop applications at the speed of business demands.

3. Multi-platform with one design

Hardly any application is solely used on desktops, anymore. Any application needs to offer the same or at least a similar user experience on all devices. In fact, mobile-first design strategies are pushing forward. However, for business applications you need to offer the same or at least similar user experience on all devices. Rapid Application Modeling platforms make interface design strategies more efficient than ever. Why should you build several interfaces that provide exactly the same functionality? Build your interface functionality as well as design once, and your application is immediately responsive for any device. That doesn’t mean you don’t have a say in it, anymore. Twist and tweak as you like and get most out of the user experience you strive for.

4. All-in-one provider

Rapid Application Modeling platforms are web-based. A great and convenient advantage that comes with it, is that providers offer full service on hosting, server maintenance and security. No need to worry about that anymore. More time to focus on bringing your business forward.

5. Eliminate cost drivers

In the end, it’s all about costs. Rapid Application Modeling platforms eliminate many cost drivers in application development.

First of all and mentioned earlier, great programmers are scarce and expensive. However, modeling applications requires a different skillset, which is a lot easier to find and lowers costs tremendously.

A crucial cost driver nowadays is integration. Integrating with internal and external systems becomes more important and a standard requirement in software development. However, it is very complex and often requires customization that can only be carried out by the software supplier. Rapid Application Modeling platforms often offer standard integration functionalities. The WEM Modeler, for example, offers standard integration with amongst others REST, SOAP and OData by simply point-and-click. No need for custom and expensive adjustments by the software supplier.

An underestimated cost driver is maintenance. Rapid Application Modeling platforms offer great flexibility and future-proof applications. Process-owners are empowered to conduct adjustments themselves, which makes software maintenance a lot easier and cost-efficient. Since Rapid Application Modeling platforms are web-based, technical maintenance and development of the tool is facilitated by the provider, keeping costs low and manageable.

The more complex your application (the more functionalities), the more expensive and time-consuming to develop it. The good news is, this is not necessarily true anymore. Rapid Application Modeling platforms take away the complexity of software development and makes it particularly suitable for quick and simple solutions, as well as extensive and complex systems, while keeping costs manageable.

WEM Modeler

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