Shorten your application’s time-to-market

A consultancy firm specialized in energy management wanted to shorten their applications’ time-to-market. Their original system was developed internally. The company initially benefitted from this system, because it was fully customized to their specific business needs, at that time.

However, the company now struggles with the system’s architectural rigidness. Adding functionalities that arise from market demands are very time consuming and costly to implement. By the time adjustments are ready to launch, market demands have further developed and require a different approach. Well, if we know one thing that’s never going to change, it’s change. To run your business successfully, you need to quickly respond to market developments and you need a flexible architecture, enabling you to do so.

Our client’s business is based on three systems: One is the database in which suppliers add their product offers, the second is a tool for clients to compare the product offers, and the third is a support service for clients that want to switch their supplier. Conducting changes or adding functionality to their current system is expensive and very time-consuming.

Equipped with only a WEM account (it’s free!) and a couple of days of support from our WEM consultants to get started, the company rebuilt the first pillar of their system (the database) themselves and within only one month. The internal WEM expert will now rapidly rebuild the other two systems as well. Leaving time and opportunity for new, innovative business ideas.

WEM enables to quickly respond to market changes and thereby offers a future-proof architecture that develops at the speed of market demands.

Do you want to react rapidly to market demands and shorten your application’s time-to-market? Contact us and book your personal demo to see how WEM enables your business to create custom applications without programming.