Quick investment payback through smart process automation

Douwe Roelofsen is a self employed business consultant, affiliated with the Webbit21 cooperative. He is trained to design and elaborate processes and translate his thoughts to process flowcharts. By using the Rapid Application Modeling platform WEM, Douwe is now able to sharpen his business proposition and create added value for his clients. Next to delivering the optimum process architecture, he delivers the fully functional application right with it.

For Douwe’s latest project, he was working for one of the leading insurance advisor companies in the Netherlands. The company wanted to automate the administration process of the prepaid advance payment offset, for its business clients. The system's requirements included amongst others client-, e-mail-, status-, and information-management, as well as automatic pdf creation, displaying the respective information in a neat and clear format. The application should integrate with the company's CRM system, attaching the file automatically to the right account. These requests were quick and easy for Douwe to realize in WEM.

“While working with the client, new insights emerged and there was a lot more to add to the automated process, which the company believed to be too complex and expensive to include.” says Douwe. The firm has to handle many variables when it comes to processing the right offset amount for its clients. Think about different discounts, partial offset periods, rate variations, etc. Previously, these variables where assembled in one large excel document. This excel document was consulted by the employees, who manually assembled all the right variables for the client. Moreover, ready documents were printed and handed to management for approval. “You can imagine the error-sensitivity of the excel sheet and the complexity of the process.” says Douwe.

However, with Douwe’s clear view on the process and narrow cooperation with the client, this complexity was realized in the system, including the digital approval process by management. The time Douwe spend on developing the system was less than a month and the company expects to earn back the investment made within only a couple of months. That’s quick investment payback through smart process automation.