No-code Platform WEM

A shortage of software developers? Amsterdam based startup WEM offers the solution with its no-code platform WEM: “Custom software, without coding”

“WEM empowers almost everybody to create custom software, without any coding”, says Rob Schilperoort, CEO of the Dutch company WEM. Organizations want to be able to react quickly in their digital processes. The WEM Platform enables companies to quickly response to internal needs and market developments.

Everybody can create business software

By using a drag-and-drop environment WEM enables almost anybody to create custom software. “With WEM we offer a state-of-the-art platform. Not only programmers can develop, but almost anybody is now able to build web applications with WEM.
WEM offers application development as expected by successful businesses: custom software as quickly as your company changes. This is possible because instead of coding, you model your business processes in a flowchart. A concept that is gaining market awareness as no-code development” Rob Schilperoort explains. The possibilities with WEM are endless, from digitizing forms to complex enterprise systems to even advanced integration functionalities. “You have to experience WEM yourself to discover all the possibilities WEM has to offer” Schilperoort says. “Come to our WEM Conference on October 4th and hear about the successes of our clients and partners.”
Satisfied customers such as VGZ and Meeùs tell how they used WEM to quickly react to market development and rapidly realized their process ideas. Entrance to the WEM Conference is free. You only have to register at The number of participants is limited, so don’t wait too long. “During the WEM Conference we’ll also introduce our North American Distributor and partners”, Schilperoort adds.

About WEM

WEM Is a quickly growing software company, based in Amsterdam. Using the WEM Platform is free of charge for anybody who creates an account on the website, Creating a web application with WEM is not much harder than drawing a process flowchart. The WEM License charge depends on the usage of the application(s) build. WEM is IT as utility, high usages means higher charge, low usage means lower charge.

WEM Conference October 4th, 2017 in DeFabrique Utrecht

Experience de possibilities of WEM yourself at the WEM Conference on October 4th in DeFabrique in Utrecht. Entrance is free, you only need to register at, where you can also sign up for your preferred breakout-sessions. Please note that there are only limited seats available.