Why the world is ready for WEM

Next week we hope, expect really, to welcome you at our second annual WEM conference. This event provides a full day filled with everything from deep technical discussion to customers showcasing their solutions and partners highlighting their services, truly something to learn and experience for everyone.

When we started marketing, and selling WEM in the Netherlands a little over 18 months ago we often found ourselves in situations where we had to explain what the platform did, and why that was exciting and new. Sometimes the possible customer understood and was willing to take a risk on our new technology, but much too often we failed in convincing the prospect to give WEM a try. Part of that we have to blame ourselves for, we just weren’t explaining our value proposition clearly enough. A far greater aspect, that we only have come to understand over the last few months was the collective understanding of the market on the value a platform like WEM could provide.

The world has made a transition in the last 18 months, the economy almost everywhere is doing better, often much better, consumer and business spending and sentiment about the future is up and there is excitement about new technologies and what they can do to make live and the world a little better. A big aspect of this growth and excitement is the realization of what data and new ways to transform that data into usable information that is easy to consume can do for our business and our ability to make decisions and the need to control our information and means of consumption ourselves.

In the last few months everyone has started investing again, from retail spending to construction and from recruiting to innovation budgets are all up and for now there is no end in sight. What people are noticing though is that programmers and other IT talent is hard to find and projects often take long to complete and prone to failures, not to mention being hard to control and adjust mid-course for the dynamics of the rapidly evolving business needs. Then we show up with WEM, no slick slideshows, just open the WEM Modeler and ask the customer, often the end-user that needs access to information fast and reliably, what process they want automated, and we do, right there, right then, often within 45 minutes we build a basic application to exact customer specifications. During this demonstration of the power of WEM the customer learns that it seems very easy (it really is) and it’s fast and the result is exactly what they have been waiting for.

A WEM demo almost always convinces a customer that what they need, as a business, as a professional and as part of their ecosystem is flexibility of handling and disseminating information and WEM gives them that control instantly.

Join us at the WEM Conference, october 4th 2017 at DeFabrique in Utrecht. Sign up here