WEM announces new partner QNH Consulting

No Code Platform WEM expands its partner network with ICT service provider and knowledge partner QNH Consulting. In line with what WEM stands for, QNH helps organizations improve their business operations by deploying smart IT solutions. With the No Code Platform WEM, organizations can easily create and manage business-critical software applications. Both independently and integrated into existing IT infrastructures.

WEM bridges the gap between IT and internal business needs. With the Platform, customers can develop scalable application software without any programming expertise and at a fraction of the costs associated with traditional IT. With a business-driven, real-time process modeling character, WEM requires solely one skill: understanding one’s core business activities and organizational processes.

“Most software applications developers don’t want to get near the creation business critical solutions. WEM embraces these needs and priorities of customers”, WEM CEO Schilperoort explains. "QNH collaborates with customers and partners on the best IT solutions by connecting people and processes with the latest technologies. That perfectly fits our vision.”

Future-ready Platform
Sjoerd Hobo (Regional Director of QNH Consulting Amsterdam): "Two years ago, QNH embraced Rapid Application Development/Modeling (RAD/RAM) to amplify its Digital Experience services. No Code platforms enable QNH to support our customers requiring rapid implementation of changes in their IT landscape. Significantly increasing their competitive advantage.” QNH management consultants have years of information and business analysis experience. WEM empowers them to work in small teams and deliver your desired applications at a rapid pace.

About WEM:
To create your business application, WEM simply requires you to model organizational processes in a flowchart. WEM offers point-and-click integration with standard protocols, such as REST, SOAP and OData. All applications built in WEM are web based and include hosting, maintenance, security, infrastructure, backup, service levels, storage, and disaster recovery. To get a free thirty-day WEM trial subscription or schedule a live demo please visit:

About QNH:
QNH helps organizations to adjust and improve business operations by deploying smart IT solutions. Allowing organizations to innovate and perform better through IT. QNHs services focus on optimizing the provision of information, underlying IT architectures, software and mobile applications. Combing new technologies with existing ones, QNH takes on an advisory role as well as carrying responsibility for development, implementation and management of these technologies. QNH has the capacity to realize all-round projects – connecting people, processes and IT. QNH has over 470 employees at multiple branches in the Netherlands (Amsterdam, Maastricht, Groningen and Eindhoven) and Belgium (Hasselt). More information about QNH can be found on or follow QNH on Twitter via @qnh_en

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