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Experts covering market developments

Internet of Things, Shadow IT, Privacy, Edge Computing, Blockchain… Having a hard time wrapping your head around these interesting topics?

WEM-Webinars-Experts covering market developments

Although advanced robotics and artificial intelligence play a growing role in different industries, these advancements can be overwhelming. Especially to those that still have employees relying on paper-based business processes. For many, the biggest challenge to Internet of Things adoption is simply not knowing where to start…

…Also, businesses increasingly experience a “Bring Your Own Technology” trend called Shadow IT. “Approximately 12% of employees in Europe engage in self-service data preparation using various spreadsheet software” (IDC Survey commissioned by Alteryx, Nov. 2017). These unauthorized services increase risks of data breaches and financial liabilities…

…And, a new forecast from International Data Corporation (IDC) shows worldwide spending on blockchain services will grow from $1,8-billion in 2018 to $8,1-billion in 2021…

What does the future hold for us with all these exciting developments? Several subject-matter experts will cover market developments in the upcoming Webinar series… Stay tuned!

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