How to innovate your business model with IoT?

Many companies new to the WEM platform start with a relatively straightforward business process application, a project that is often completed within a few days and solves an immediate business need. Right after this first project is completed, we ask the customer about their experiences and what projects they are planning to tackle next, the answer almost always is: “We haven’t decided yet, what can it do?”. As you can do pretty much everything with WEM we keep asking and invariably we get to the subject of Internet of Things (IoT) because many people have or think they should have an initiative around that subject.

Typical Internet of Things projects start with a small subset of devices both in number and features as well as limited functionality. Growth in scale and functionality are expected, once the initial business case has been proven. These growing and ever evolving scale, functionality, technology and business drivers are what makes WEM the perfect platform to continuously innovate your business model.

What makes WEM an excellent platform for your internet of things solution? Our no code application platform combines clear and easy to enhance process flows and data storage with a comprehensive set of integration protocols that allow your IoT devices to communicate with the platform directly. When your (pilot) project requirements change because of developing business needs, technology updates, information requirements and purely because of new insights or even better customer demand, with WEM you can respond quickly to any of those requirements.

The default WEM licensing models give you the choice to have a fixed fee, low risk and fully functional platform for a defined capacity per month, typically 500.000 (five hundred thousand) events or as a true utility where you pay by the event starting at just €50 per month (or the approximate equivalent in your local currency).

Curious how you can innovate your business with IoT solutions? Our WEM experts are happy to give you a demo, covering your specific business-case!

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