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What solutions does WEM offer?

What to expect from the 4 solutions sessions on the agenda of the WEM Conference 2018? Covering the importance of efficient knowledge management, comparing traditional developing methods versus WEMs endless no-code possibilities, and a few key lessons concerning legacy application migration. Read on to learn what this track has in store for you!

Knowledge management
In today’s competitive economy, for (commercial) organizations to be successful, it’s absolutely crucial to access and manage information and resources efficiently. Putting custom and scalable ERP, HRM and CRM systems into place, makes it easier to process, structure, and essentially manage business data. This session highlights how you can improve your business procedures and information management with WEM.

No-Code versus Slow-Code
WEM closes the gap between IT and business. By empowering everyone – with or without coding expertise – to “develop” his or her own business software. The no-code platform’s visual approach allows any subject matter expert familiar with organizational processes, like business analysts, to create an application entirely through a drag-and-drop interface, using predefined and pre-built components to get the functionality that he/she needs.

This way, one does not have to send each and every implementation request to an internal IT department or rely on third-party vendors to custom-make it for them (which could turn out to be an extremely slow process taking up months, and a pretty expensive one to say the least).

Do I hear a “Seeing is believing?”. For all you non-believers: Alex, Business Solution Architect at WEM, will compare no-code versus traditional coding methods illustrated by some must-see examples.

A wide range of complexity
“What are WEMs limits of complexity?” Whether you’d like to create a “simple” time management tool or an “extremely complex” ERP software application, with WEM, application complexity is solely determined by the business logic you’d like to include, is what WEMs Chief Knowledge Officer Rob ten Kroode emphasized in this blog.

Take integration for example: WEMs out-of-the-box integration is available by default for all WEM users. This functionality works immediately without any configuration or modification. No complex protocol conversions required – WEM makes big data and “Internet of Things” collections accessible.

Another example: WEM includes numerous widgets for you to enhance the user's experience such as Google Maps, Charts, reCaptcha, calendar, rating systems, sliders, image capture, signatures, audio player, progress bars and many, many more. And if you need something WEM doesn’t have out-of-the-box, WEM gives you the option to create your own widgets. If you join this session, you'll find out if WEM will pass the complexity test!

Respect your legacy
Migrating key legacy applications has become a high priority for companies all over the world as they pursue digital transformation. Often driven by tech infrastructure and operational needs.

“The existing legacy system could be anything from a completely undocumented application on a system where spare parts come from eBay written in a language originally developed by a developer that had his retirement party in the same year that you graduated kindergarten”, WEM CEO Rob Schilperoort explains in this piece on legacy app migration. “Or it might even be that state of the art SaaS solution that was implemented last year when the business was different and isn’t what the business needs now”.

Whatever the technology, it’s something your business inherited from an earlier process or company lifecycle and it’s not the system that you need right now. Is your business dealing with a similar situation? Think updating or modernizing your existing applications is a daunting process? We’ll explain what to consider before migrating your current applications, and how WEM can boost your legacy.

This promises to be an interactive day for you to get informed, inspired and connected with international market leaders. Register here to join us at the third edition of the WEM Conference on
September 25th, 2018 at De Fabrique Utrecht.

Feel free to invite your fellow innovation leaders and partners to the WEM Conference.

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