AP Support: Driving Innovation in Education

Elementary school De Zilvermeeuw in Lisserbroek, the Netherlands, strives for innovative education. “As part of their educational program for gifted children, the school has developed a measuring tool to analyze the Executive Functioning of their pupils”, indicates Stephan Schram, Senior Consultant at AP Support (WEM Partner).

A custom measuring tool
Schram summarizes: “What De Zilvermeeuw wanted, was a solution that could help gifted pupils in enhancing their executive functioning skills”. In short, Executive Functioning (EF) involves self-regulating functioning that enables one to make rational decisions, control impulses and remain focused to complete tasks. It is not uncommon for gifted kids that have very high cognitive abilities to struggle with one or more aspects of EF. The primary school wanted a custom measuring tool to analyze the development of their pupils’ EF skills.

Intuitive and flexible digitization
To create an application that could help these kids in further developing their skills, Schram indicates three factors were of high importance. “First and foremost, for this tool to be successful, it was important to easily digitize all relevant concepts and factors with regard to Executive Functioning”. Secondly, the solution should work intuitively and ensure that the results are processed with a single touch of a button. Third, flexibility is key – it is required to continuously adapt to and encompass all available expertise on this topic. “No-code application platform WEM fits best to create this solution”, says Schram.

Analyzing results
Based on digital reports, tailored to the specific situation of individual students, conversations between teachers and parents on what means to implement are effortless. “As a result of this tool’s automation of measurements, these pupils now have a clear picture of their EF development”, explains Schram. Continuing: “The teachers are overjoyed that they can take these tests and analyze the results in such an easy way”.

Committed to the development of young talent, AP Support has facilitated De Zilvermeeuw and their innovative process with great pleasure.

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