How to reach a 6 months ROI for your Business Applications?

Imagine every employee capable to create business solutions to improve business processes and enhance efficiency. That's what AP Support's goal is with WEM. “Traditionally, one needs to work with release planning, waiting times for IT, endless meetings or budget proposals,” says Roderik van Lee (Commercial Director, AP Support).

“It should be all about recognizing the problem, acting upon it immediately and creating a solution so that employees can work efficiently, and customers can have an amazing experience”.

AP Support WEM Conference 2018
Join Roderik van Lee, Wouter Mertens and Joost Boor at the WEM Conference 2018

Fully functioning apps in 2 weeks

In this day and age, for business to maximize efficiency and effectiveness, it’s important to be agile, to automate and digitalize processes. “The optimization of processes is often dropped on the desk of the in-house IT experts or it’ll be outsourced,” van Lee states. “The costs of hiring an army of programmers, business analysts, test engineers and project managers to create business applications are huge”.

With no-code application platform WEM, employees can take responsibility of their service or production. Fully functioning, custom-made solutions can be made in sprints of just 2 weeks without having expertise in coding. Wouter Mertens (Business Manager, AP Support) explains: “Business application development with WEM enables operations to be actively responsible for the services they provide, simply because they can automate their own processes”. Hence, IT becomes more than a service, it’s embedded by operations.

E-learning platform

For one of their clients AP Support has created a solution resembling an e-learning platform, fully digitizing the customer application processes in place. “In the past, our clients’ customers received an application form in Word, which had to be printed, filled out, scanned and e-mailed back. Joost Boor (Process Analyst, AP Support) describes: “Imagine the lack or even loss of information and the inefficiency involved of having to go back to that customer to receive all required information”.

It’s peanuts to automate customer processes like these in WEM. The "e-learning solution" gives AP Support's client a real-time status of the document to-be-filled in by their customers. “The progress of each customer is shown in percentages to the client in their dashboard,” Boor explains. “This way our client can instantly see in what stage of the process their customers are; making it easy for to tackle pressure points customers encounter. Also, there are no more half-empty documents going back and forth, which slow down everyone in the process”. Digitizing, increased efficiency and greater quality.

A 6 month Return of Investment

WEM offers an all-in-one solution. “Traditionally, with application development you’ll need to cover costs like insurance or web development fees separately,” van Lee states. “All applications built in WEM are web-based and include hosting, maintenance, security, infrastructure, backup, and much more. Pricing is utility based, so there are no hidden costs”.

During their break-out session at the WEM Conference 2018, AP Support will highlight several success cases built with the platform. By empowering operations and enabling bottom-up process optimization these customers have all reached maximum agility, customer satisfaction and, return of investments in record-time. “Your business application will be profitable in 6 months. Preferably less,” van Lee concludes.

Challenge accepted?

AP Support loves a challenge, their WEM consultants invite everyone to imagine what their business processes would look like if fully optimized. Based on your processes, our sponsoring partner will create business solutions live at the WEM Conference 2018. Come and see this with your own eyes!

Register here for AP Support's break-out session at our third edition of the WEM Conference on September 25th, 2018 at De Fabrique Utrecht.

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