World-wide Excitement for No-Code Development

From the States to Malaysia, back to the Lowlands and off to India. Last February, WEM 4.0 has been on an international tour; accelerating the world-wide adoption of no-code development!

The second beta version of WEM 4.0 was only just live when our Chief Knowledge Officer Rob ten Kroode touched down in the States to join our American distributor during their WEM 4.0 release event. A successful conference with tech leaders and innovators like Nagesh Kunamneni, Chief Technology Executive at BizCloud Experts and Carter Bradford, President at Precocity LLC, highlighting the significant impact that no-code application development has on business and IT - for both to thrive during these Digital Transformation time.

nocodeplatform WEM 4 beta2 Americas event

Same month, another milestone! PaineCo becomes WEM APACs first certified Training Partner in Asia. Our Business Solutions Architect Alex de Meij was in Malaysia for two weeks to lead the training and certification process.

Like Chenobu Thong, CEO of WEM APAC, proudly stated in his previous blog: “The groundwork we have done these last months is the foundation for exceptional business results in the coming years”. With partners and customers in Australia, New Zealand, Malaysia, Singapore, South Korea, Thailand, Indonesia, Hong Kong, Taiwan and India… We can’t wait for what the rest of 2019 brings!

nocodeplatform WEM trainings partner PaineCo

As if our international adventures weren’t enough, last week we invited our distributors, partners and fellow no-code application developers to celebrate the release of WEM 4.0 at our new office in Amsterdam!

Our attendees were invited to discover all things new in WEM 4.0 presented by our Chief Technology Officer Elian Ebbing. Followed by a "back to school" session during which everyone was welcome to build applications from scratch. Our team was thrilled to see a big group of no-code enthusiasts - with a background in business, process management, IT, you name it - trying out this new release with our Development and Support team.

nocodeplatform WEM 4 event Amsterdam

Think we’ve had enough of this world-wide WEM rollercoaster? Better think twice. Starting this Monday, WEM APACs certified Trainings Partner PaineCo will be training even more partners in India. We wish our APAC team the best of luck, and most of all lots of no-code development fun!

For more information how to accelerate your business successes significantly with no-code application development? Reach out to our distributors all over the world.