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Simply model complex applications: 4 WEM features

From creating “simple” time management apps to “extremely complex” ERP software applications. With the most advanced No Code Platform WEM anyone can create any software application imaginable – without having to code. Still, we often hear: “What are WEMs limits of complexity?”

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The Power of the Calculated Field

In WEM, you can use a Calculated Field to hold these “constant” values and use this field in your expressions, templates, flows and calculations.

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WEM Storage Options

WEM platform developer Kelvin explains what to consider for which storage option in WEM

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Integration - what technology when?

Integration is a key element of many of the projects that our customers choose to build on the WEM platform. Rob explains when to use what technology.

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Expose your data via OData

WEM recently got support for OData. OData is an open protocol that allows you to consume or expose data through simple web requests.

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