Customer Success

Meeùs – efficiency boost for customers and employees

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Meeùs belongs to one of the top three insurance advisory companies in the Netherlands, with about 72,000 business clients and 300,000 private customers. Every year, the company conducts an analysis to provide the most suitable insurance advice to their customers for the upcoming year. Revision of data and prepaid advance payment offsets is one of the most important activities for Meeùs. By digitizing this process, Meeùs boosted efficiency in multiple departments.

Collaboration with self-employed WEM Expert

Jeffrey Heesen, head of Construction and Infra departments, and Eelko Heuvelmans, product lead for Marketing, are proud initiators of the new WEM tools.

“With our previous vendor we hit limitations quickly,” Eelko explains. “After we saw the demo, we quickly started working with WEM and decided to develop three systems with the platform.”

The first and most important system is the revision application. This system was built within three months by WEM Architect Douwe Roelofsen. Douwe is self-employed and decided to specialize in WEM and join the network organization Webbit21.

“Douwe is a winner!” says Eelko enthusiastically. “I like his proactive approach. He asks smart questions and stays constantly connected with us. He asks questions that my team and I didn’t even think of in the first place. It helped to accelerate the process. It’s a great and efficient way of working together.”

At this moment, Meeùs is developing two additional applications with WEM.

New methods in a traditional industry

“The insurance industry is sometimes a bit old fashioned, to be honest,” Jeffrey and Eelko agree. “We want to change that, by trying new work methods and automating processes. And we see that our efforts have positive impact. Our clients are enthusiastic. Our team loves the new application, which also has a great impact on the team dynamics. It’s great!”

The revision of data is a yearly analysis of Meeùs’ clients to get a clear picture of changes in their client’s revenue and number of employees. “Clients may receive a payback or, if the revenue or the number of employees have increased, need to pay extra,” Jeffrey explains.

According to Jeffrey and Eelko, the company made a significant improvement in efficiency by digitizing the revision of data.

“Compared to last year, we’ve increased the number of revisions realized by 15% already, despite the fact that we’ve started later this year,” says Eelko. “It shows that the lead time, as well as retrieving and processing information, is a lot faster. Maybe most importantly, we receive positive feedback from our clients and our colleagues.”

Digitizing the revision process

Every year, clients receive a questionnaire by e-mail.

“Not that long ago, these forms were mailed traditionally,” Eelko explains. “Collecting the information, but also processing it, was very time consuming. Not only internally, but also for our clients. Now we have a custom workflow that guides through all necessary steps. We save a lot of time and hassle by automating the administrative process of data revision for the client as well as for our team.”

The need to digitize this process arose not only internally, but also from customers who were ready for the modernization.

“In this digital era, clients can reach out to us through our online platform as well. We aim to make availability a lot easier for our clients,” says Eelko. “With the online service, clients can provide us with the information themselves.”

A quick return on investment

Meeùs will earn back its financial investment in WEM within one year.

“It’s been worth the investment already. We’re now saving the capacity worth a part time employee,” Jeffrey and Eelko tell us. “But it’s more than that. Most important is our customers’ satisfaction. The possibility to further develop the tools was an important factor for making this business decision.”